Purple ribbons

There are a number of ways you can use purple ribbons to mark WEAAD:

Tie a ribbon around a tree

Buy a length of purple fabric ( you probably want it at least half a meter wide) and tie it in a bow around:

  • a tree
  • your mailbox
  • a fencepost
  • a door handle.

In fact, why not get your whole neighbourhood behind you with a string of purple ribbons all the way along your street?

Imagine your local park with all the trees dressed up with purple ribbons! You can also write messages on the ribbon or attach a card with a message so that people know what the purple ribbons signify.

Don’t forget to let your local press know what you are doing too.¬†They’ll love the photo opportunity!

And of course, the more purple ribbons around, the more people will want to know what it is all about so why not get your local shops and community groups on board and try to get your whole city displaying purple ribbons.

It is especially great if anyone displaying a ribbon writes their own personal message on it about why protecting the rights of older people is important to them.