Purple ribbons

Wear a purple ribbon

Simply buy a length of ribbon and cut and fold a ribbon to pin to your lapel.

If you prefer to purchase pre-printed WEAAD ribbons, you can buy them in bulk. This is a great option if you wish to distribute the ribbons broadly as they are printed with WEAAD in white on the purple ribbon.

Purple ribbons may be ordered directly from Lexicon Artwork on (03) 9946 5193 or frank@lexiconart.com. For the most recent pricing details, please see our merchandise page.

Tie a ribbon around a tree

Buy a length of purple fabric ( you probably want it at least half a metre wide) and tie it in a bow around:

  • a tree
  • a lamp post
  • a pillar or column on your building
  • a door handle.

In fact, why not get your whole business community behind you with purple ribbons along every street.