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The Purple Recipe Campaign

Tanya Bartolini, author of Blending the Cultures and owner of The Kitchen Bench website, has generously shared a recipe for her grandmother’s Sacoiardi Cake… with a purple tint! – just for WEAAD.  Tanya and the Kitchen Bench are very proud to be a promoter and ambassador for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) in Queensland. The Purple Recipe Campaign is designed to raise awareness and encourage everyone to share a recipe which incorporates the colour purple to help shed more light on the serious issue of elder abuse. read more

Seniors Rights and Elder Abuse

Seniors Rights10Elder abuse generally occurs within a relationship of trust, with the highest proportion caused by sons and daughters.

Financial abuse most common

Seniors Rights Victoria (SRV) manager Jenny Blakey said that financial abuse was the most common form of abuse reported through the SRV helpline. In acknowledgement of that fact, this year’s annual SRV WEEAD forum, Human Rights are Ageless, will focus on how assets and funds are transferred through generations.

Men and women can be affected

Another free forum, Legal Matters for Older Fellas, will provide an opportunity for older men to discuss issues of concern with lawyers and other professionals. read more

Mature Age Jobseekers on the Rise

The 2014 Federal Budget included many new initiatives that will affect mature age workers and Seniors. Some have been received well others, others not so well like the proposed increase in the pension age to 70.

While we can sit around and debate the merit of these programs, what we can be certain of is that something does need to be done to increase the workforce participation rate of mature age workers.

Broadly speaking, the last 30 years have seen an increase in participation among Australians in their 50s and 60s. However, in more recent times, this growth has plateaued. So what does this tell us? Well, a couple of things. read more

69 Love Sex Senior

69 love sex seniorNone of us wants to think about our grandparents “doing it”. We pretend to ourselves that at a certain age, people lose interest in sex. We keep it in the realm of the young – those with firm bodies, unbridled passions and, well… flexibility.

In 69 Love Sex Senior, filmmaker Menna Laura Meijer not only challenges our denial of older people as sexual beings but also explores their broad variety of sexual and romantic experiences. She shows that sex and love continue into older years in just as many different forms as we see amongst the young. Together with her wonderfully warm and entertaining selection of older people she explores a broad spectrum of experiences and expectations. read more

Thoughts on elder abuse

It’s more than a slap of the cheek

And a bruise on display

It’s more than a tear on a wrinkled cheek

Or a failure to pay

It’s a fearful look in a watery eye

A downturned mouth

And a heartfelt sigh

Pity those who treat their loved ones

With disrespect

We pray they never experience abuse and neglect

Written by Caroline Granger

Celebrate living history

The smile from a senior sharing a story with a university student is what makes me happy.  

celebrate living history project 2Sometimes we forget to look beyond age and realise there is a person underneath who has a rich history to share.

I remember doing an interview with a former teacher and she said “Bev, when you get old, you too will become invisible.”

Maybe because the blinkers have been taken off my eyes I asked “But how I can see you?”

She told me sometimes she could be physically there, but ignored, people don’t think she is special just a little old lady. read more

Prevention of financial abuse of people living with dementia

The World Report on Violence and Health (2002) defines elder abuse as :

“a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to the older person”

Elder abuse can take many forms including physical psychological emotional sexual and financial abuse. It can also be the result of intentional or unintentional neglect.

World Health Organisation defines financial abuse as “the illegal or improper exploitation or use of funds or resources of the older person. read more

HOME: An unusual arts project about ageing

My name is Brienna Macnish and I’m twenty-five. For the past twelve months I have been interviewing older people about their experiences of ageing as part of an arts project called HOME. I’ve heard lots of different stories, some uplifting, some deeply sad and have been struck time and time again by the generosity with which people have shared their stories with me.

HOME is the result of my interviewing. It is an audio work, experienced by one person at a time inside the home of a stranger.  Individually, audience members walk through a home, exploring and listening to a very personal and moving account of one woman’s experience of the years passing. read more

On old age…

I quote:

‘As we age we move from the participator to the observer. Where we were once the busy decision makers who made things happen we become the onlooker who is invited to join occasions that we used to initiate, my Dad used to say to people who didn’t know him and would patronise him: I am old I am not stupid.’

I don’t like any kind of labelling where individuals are concerned. It riles me. People do not become identical, (clones of each other) simply because they share commonality. Yet too often a human being is caught—as if framed in the narrow light attributed to a group — “Jews, foreigners, Muslim, labour supporters, disabled, the young generation…” the list is endless. Any individual can become the subject of generalisation. Those who concern me at present have been given the tag of elderly citizen or old people. read more