HOME: An unusual arts project about ageing

My name is Brienna Macnish and I’m twenty-five. For the past twelve months I have been interviewing older people about their experiences of ageing as part of an arts project called HOME. I’ve heard lots of different stories, some uplifting, some deeply sad and have been struck time and time again by the generosity with which people have shared their stories with me.

HOME is the result of my interviewing. It is an audio work, experienced by one person at a time inside the home of a stranger.  Individually, audience members walk through a home, exploring and listening to a very personal and moving account of one woman’s experience of the years passing.

What makes this work special is that the woman, Marian, whom the work is about, is not exceptional or extraordinary. Her story is recognisable and the story of many Australians. What is extraordinary is her willingness to share her very personal experiences with me, and through the recordings I made, with you.

MY hope is that the HOME will encourage older and younger people alike to think about what ageing means both to themselves and to the Australian community more broadly.

HOME is ran as part of the prestigious Next Wave Festival 2014. For more information visit www.stepintomyhome.com

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